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Hello there! Welcome to my deviantart page. Despite my edgy username, I'm actually a pretty cheerful person. I love to draw fan art, but I do come up with original characters on occasion. I also write stories and make comics.

My art is mostly drawn with old-school pen and pencil and I color with copic markers, but I also use other art forms like my Wacom bamboo tablet, Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop. I tend to focus more on characters, more than anything.

I'm also planning to learn other things like animation and programming, so I hope you guys will be as excited as I am when I begin a new project. Let's see where I go next!

Follow me elsewhere:

Thanks for visiting!


    The apartment was silent, and devoid of movement, save for the lone she-wolf who sat on the couch, scribbling away in a notebook. Every so often, she would stop to take a sip of tea, or read what she wrote, but continued writing. That however, didn’t prevent her from shutting her notebook close when she sensed her chameleon roommate sneak up from behind.

    “Good Morning, Vanessa. You’re up early.”

“Darn!” Vanessa replied “how did you know I was there?”

                “I know your scent, dear. It’s kind of a mammal thing.”

“Snakes can sense things too…” Vanessa mumbled

                “But they taste the air.” Zoey said, shifting in her seat “Besides, I know you well enough to know when you’re sneaking up on me. Try harder next time.” Vanessa only pouted

“So when are you going to show me what you’re writing?” Vanessa said, grabbing the remote, taking a seat on the recliner

                “When the time is right.” Zoey replied

“You said that to me months ago.”

                “Well, these kind of things are like wine, it takes time to refine it and make it good.”

“You’re just afraid I’m going to say your story sucks, aren’t you?” Zoey only scoffed

                “As if!” Zoey crossed her arms and legs, turning to the side. “…I know that you’ll read the first three sentences at best, before you hand my book back to me. People don’t like to read.” Vanessa’s expression softened, as she frowned, reading Zoey’s body language

“…Not everybody hates reading, you know.”

                “…”  Zoey turned her ears toward her, slowly raising an eyebrow “…anyway, do you remember what today is?”

“No… wait, yes! It’s-”

                “Date night with Cecil~” Zoey sang “Come on, might as well start the day since you’re up.” Zoey sprang off the couch, taking her notebook with her. “What do you want to eat? I’ll cook today.”

Vanessa put their dishes in the sink. Turning around, she saw Zoey starting at her with the most eager expression. Her bushy tail swished from side to side in a slow, steady rhythm, and her smile was so wide, her teeth nearly showed.

“What?” Vanessa said, nearly laughing

                “I’d never thought I’d see the day you’d go on a date!” Zoey said “My baby grew up so fast!” she gushed, wiping an imaginary tear

“You sound more excited than me. Are you sure this isn’t your date?”

                “I’m just happy for you, Vanessa. You’re blossoming” Zoey said stretching out her arms for effect “…You aren’t such a wallflower anymore; you know? Before recently I could barely even talk to you without you looking at me like you expected me to swallow you whole.”

“I… have?” Vanessa suddenly found herself feeling ashamed, unable to look at Zoey

                “Yeah… but I’m glad that I stuck to my guns.” Zoey nodded. Vanessa smiled, meeting Zoey’s eyes

“…I’m glad that you did as well.”

                “Well, now that we ate, what do you say we get you ready for today?”

“What did you have in mind?”

                “Well…” Zoey said, getting up from her seat “…we could pick out a nice outfit, some shoes, and do your hair… how do you feel about getting your makeup done as well?” Vanessa grimaced, rubbing her arm

“Um… I’m okay with everything else, but I don’t know about accessories and makeup.” Vanessa said, following Zoey

                “Have you ever tried it before?”

“No, not really. I just…” Zoey’s ears leaned forward in interest


“…I’ll give it a try.”

                “Alright. We don’t have to use it if you feel uncomfortable. Just give it a try, and see if you like it or not.” Vanessa nodded, and several minutes later, the two stood in front of Vanessa’s bed, staring at her wardrobe “… is this really all you have?”

“…I guess… what’s wrong with my clothes?”

                “Nothing, it’s just… um… very casual and plain.” Zoey’s eyes flicked around the T-shirts, jeans, and the rare shorts, and the even rarer single skirt. “Do you have any tank tops, crotchet or lace tops?”

“No.” Zoey put her hand on her hips

                “…Alright, here’s what we’ll do… we’ll take a quick trip to the shopping center and find you a nice outfit for tonight. We can change up your wardrobe a bit later.”


                “Don’t worry, it won’t take so long.”

“I’m surprised that you like that dress as well.” Zoey said, as the two came back to the apartment “I wasn’t sure you’d be comfortable wearing it.”

                “Well it was pretty nice in design, and I like the colors.” Vanessa admitted

“Alright, so now we just mess around with your hair and make-up, and then we’ll take a break.”

                Zoey began to fish out a few magazines, placing them in front of Vanessa

“If you find anything you like, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.” Vanessa nodded, and Zoey left the room to search for other things. Vanessa flipped through the magazines, looking at the various colors and styles the models wore. “Did you find anything?” Zoey asked, eventually returning with a makeup, brush, and comb set.

“How do you think this would look on me?” Vanessa asked, pointing at a photo

                “…Excellent choice. I think that would look wonderful on you.”

Zoey wasted no time experimenting on Vanessa’s hair and make-up. Once Zoey had decided how she’d replicate the picture, she sat Vanessa down after playing some music.

“This may take a while, but I’ll try to get this stuff done as quickly as I can.” With the precision of a surgeon, Zoey set to work on Vanessa’s makeup. Both Vanessa and Zoey were silent, except for the occasional “Look up at the ceiling”, or “Gently close your eyes.” Zoey would tell Vanessa to look to one side, or glance back at the magazine.

“Alright, I’m done!” Zoey picked up the mirror from beside her “Do like what you see?” Vanessa was speechless as she gazed at the mirror

                “Who… is this?”

“Vanessa Bridges, silly! Who else?”

Vanessa stared at her reflection, still astounded at her transformation. This wasn’t the Vanessa she saw every morning. This Vanessa had lovely golden eyes that appeared from dark, long lashes. She had sharp eyes, and angular features that she normally didn’t notice staring back at her. She was… mesmerizing… enchanting. “Okay, narcissus.” Zoey chuckled, snatching the mirror away. “I want to fix your hair up before you gawk at yourself forever.” Vanessa only chuckled before she straightened up, letting Zoey work on her hair.

    Vanessa stared at herself in shock. Now dressed in the black and orange dress that she and Zoey picked out, Vanessa couldn’t help but stare at her reflection.

“I figured you didn’t really need to do much for your hair, but it’s braided in the back, while still leaving it down. I figured that looked fine on you.” Zoey spoke up

                “Wow.” Was all Vanessa said “I look so… pretty.”

“I prefer using the term beautiful, if you ask me.” Zoey shrugged. Vanessa turned to Zoey

                “Zoey…” Zoey’s eyes widened in shock.

“Are you okay, Vanessa? …Your colors are changing, and your eyes are big and shiny…” Vanessa pulled Zoey into a tight hug

                “Thank you so much, Zoey! Thank you!” Zoey’s expression changed from shock to a soft smile

“…You’re welcome. Anytime, Vanessa.” The she-wolf responded, patting the chameleon’s back. “No more crying, even in joy, okay?” Zoey asked, breaking the hug. “You’ll smear your makeup that way.” She handed Vanessa a tissue “Just gently pat your skin.” Vanessa nodded, doing as she was told.       

Zoey parked her car, turning the stereo’s volume down

“This is it, my friend.” She said, turning to Vanessa “Your first date with Cecil. Remember what I’ve said about the mints, but just keep in mind that you’re trying to have fun alright? You aren’t marrying the guy.” Vanessa whimpered in response

                “Why couldn’t we go on a group date? You always suggested that with Janet.”

“Jenkins is different. She needs a wingman. You on the other hand, I trust you enough not to screw things up. Besides, I’ll be at the cafe nearby. Just give me a call if something goes bad, or if you need anything.”

                “Well, next time- if there is one; you bring your boyfriend too, okay?”

“…” Zoey lowered her sunglasses to reveal that she blinked, once, several times.

                “Well? Will you?”

“No, I can’t.”

                “You can’t, or you won’t?” Vanessa demanded

“I can’t.” Zoey shrugged “I don’t have one.” Vanessa gasped in shock

                “You’re joking.”

“Why would I joke about something like that?”

                “Well, you always seemed like-”

“No, no.” Zoey interrupted, wagging her finger “Today is not about me, it’s about you. Let’s talk about that later. Close the door, won’t you? Go have fun.” Vanessa hesitantly nodded, closing the door behind her. She quickly waved, before walking away. Once Vanessa confirmed that she met Cecil through a text, Zoey drove away to her own destination.

As she drove away, Vanessa’s reaction replayed in Zoey’s mind “Well, you always seemed like-”

“Like what, Vanessa?” Zoey thought “I’m not always that outgoing!” she chuckled.

To be continued... 

First Date (Part One)
...I honestly don't know where to categorize this, so I'll just put it under fanfiction. That good? 

So following This story, Vanessa and Zoey are getting closer as friends. And what do you know? Vanessa and Cecil are actually going on a date! Who'd have thought? And Zoey helps Vanessa get ready for such an endeavor. How nice of her!

...Zoey, what are you hiding, young lady? Hm... I feel like I could've included a little more insight into Vanessa's backstory before she met Zoey, but I guess I can always save that for another time. We also now know Vanessa's last name, although I'm not sure if that's her final name yet. We'll see.   
'I just like the colors' by DeadWolfgirl
'I just like the colors'
I was listening to this ol' song and buh-bam, this popped up. A lot of thoughts came to me as I drew this, and this drawing just happened. I originally just had the blue-haired sheep, but added the red one as well. It was originally going to be a "galaxy-hair" type of picture, but I didn't feel like really taking the time to look up galaxies, so have this nice replacement instead. Still another doodle.  
Fulfilling requests by DeadWolfgirl
Fulfilling requests
"This may be a bit out of my comfort zone, but I think I can do it!" 

...And then THAT happens. this venting? Lol, I don't know. Sometimes, drawing for other people is hard and sometimes I just want to give up, but it's always worth it when people are happy with what I draw for them, so that's all that matters.  
Zoey bio sheet (Project: ZOE) by DeadWolfgirl
Zoey bio sheet (Project: ZOE)
Old Bio sheet, that I made months ago, as you can see on the date. At least the info attached hasn't changed much. 

I told myself that I would also do one of these reference sheets so I could keep the designs of my characters concise, so people can get an idea of who the characters that frequent my page are. Here's the first of many- Zoey, the one and only. It was probably a good thing that I finally made something that shows Zoey facing multiple ways, as it was brought to my attention that I never really did any front views, and favored 3/4th views. 

I've already added her basic info, so I'm not going to repeat myself in the description. I don't have a specific outfit for Zoey, since she doesn't have an official "uniform" of any sort. I mostly just give her a casual t-shirt and pants.

Note: I will refer to this character as both "Zoey" and "Francine"
Disclaimer: I'm not a biologist, so I apologize if my fictional science is a bit wonky. I'm trying to make it as believable as I can, however!   


Hugo Adlestein (Father)
Elaine Adlestein (Mother)

Francine was a fairly normal teenage girl and had a normal life; she went to school, had friends, did sports, and had loving parents. However, like many other teenagers, Francine went through that phase where she often disagreed with her parents. Francine wasn't really rebellious, so it was usually minor disagreements that didn't occur that often and didn't last long.

Her father, Hugo, was a geneticist in charge of finding innovative medicines, and they began to search for a groundbreaking treatment based on "immortal" animals*. Using their findings, they began to cultivate a serum intending to help patients who've suffered great injuries to recover. Hugo decided to name it after Francine, but decided to use her middle name instead. The treatment is currently called Z.O.E. Cells**. Sadly, the research and time experimenting began to take its toll on Hugo both physically and emotionally. He would often come home exhausted and irritable, and became an unpleasant person. Francine would occasionally fall victim to the pent up frustrations.       
Unfortunately, one of those arguments went too far, and Francine's temper was pushed past her limit. Francine stormed out of the house and drove off. It was a mistake that nearly took her life, as Francine drove not only while upset, but in the rain, getting into a car accident.

Francine was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition. Her injuries were so severe, it would be a miracle if she even survived as a vegetable. The Z.O.E. cells had gone through its early stages, although it was nowhere near perfect. Suffering from guilt and shame, Hugo went through a tough moral dilema- should he risk giving his only daughter a serum that nobody knows for sure what could happen to [an anthropomorphic] person? Should he just end her suffering? What was it that they were fighting over anyway? He hoped that it was over something important. Eventually, Hugo made his descision, and injected Francine with the serum.

Francine miraculously healed, although she was not happy when she found out what had happened to her. However, the Z.O.E. cells had done their work and affected Francine in ways neither she nor the scientists could predict. Francine spent the next few months in the laboratories for physical therapy and general analysis on what her body's physical, mental, and emotional capabilities were. In this time, she couldn't interact with the outside world, her friends, or family much, and quickly grew melancholy. She even began to describe the laboratories as her "new prison home". With all the complications that Francine had gone through, the scientists concluded that perhaps the medicine wouldn't be ready for the rest of the world. But as fate would have it, the outside world began to catch wind on this new serum.

A rich third party wanted to get the potential cash cow, and hired the Star Wolf team to break in and get the files containing the research. Francine had heard the blaring sirens as Star Wolf began to wreak havoc in the facility, and took their intrusion as a means to escape her unhappiness. Taking the few possesions she had, she took a chance and set out to find the Star Wolf team. After coercing one of the members, she had no choice but to run as she and the Star Wolf member are shot at by the security. While she made it back to the Star Wolf team's hide out, Wolf is impressed at Francine's bravery (and dumb luck), and decides to let her stay for at least a day. When Francine demonstrates her ability to handle household chores (specifically cooking a decent meal), she works out a win-win deal with the three; in exchange for maintaining their living area, they allow her to stay. When asking for her name, she decides that it's time to turn over a new leaf, and calls herself Zoey.  

Despite going through so much in a short amount of time, Zoey is an outgoing person, and tries to live her life to the fullest. Since the accident, Zoey is appreciative of little things and tries not to let things keep her down. That said, Zoey has a dark sense of humor, and doesn't get very squeamish from the sight of blood and guts. She's pretty direct, and unless she's caught in the heat of her emotions, she is sincere about what she says. When she does become too blunt and cross lines, she becomes regretful and apologizes. She also may get frustrated when she can't get others to agree with what she says or wants. She's not particularly malicious to others, and that side of her only comes out when somebody rubs her the wrong way.  

Hobbies & Abilities:
-Zoey plays the violin, she picked it up from her mother
-Zoey's a decent cook and tries out many exotic dishes. It isn't strange to see Zoey attending events centered around local cooks and restaurants. 
-Zoey's a fairly good actress, as she observes and mimics the people around her to create different characters. She pays attention to people's mannerisms, gestures, and emotional expressions.
-Zoey enjoys reading, and writes a few things here and there. She dislikes it when people look over her shoulder as she writes. 

Francine's greatest fear is that the people she cares deeply for will grow sick of her and abandon her one day.

Life with Star Wolf:
-Zoey is significantly younger than the Star Wolf team and the only girl, so there are a bunch of rules held in place that everyone follows (Ex: Don't walk around in your underwear, don't leave the toilet seat up, don't leave your laundry in the hallway, properly dispose of feminine products, clean up after yourself, etc.)
-Even when Wolf and the others leave Zoey at home for long periods at a time, they still check up on her to make sure she and the fort is doing okay.
-Wolf makes sure that Zoey doesn't neglect her studies, although she often doesn't neglect it in the first place. He also makes sure that she doesn't neglect herself from studying too hard. 
-Zoey sees the Star Wolf team as a second family. More like older brothers, considering that she doesn't have any siblings. It seems they return the same feelings... 

Z.O.E Cells:
**As this is still a work in progress, I'm not too sure if Z.O.E cells are based off of stem cells... 
*Apparently jellyfish and lobsters are "biologically immortal", which is what Hugo's team of researchers were trying to make sense of.
-The full potential of the cells are unknown. Perhaps they are stem cells with accelerated functions, allowing a person going through treatment to heal faster and more efficiently without obvious scars.
-Maybe Z.O.E cells allow a treated person to regenerate skin and muscle tissue without the typical regression people go through with age. basically the "biological immortality". Hugo was pretty skeptical about it at first. 
Since Zoey is the only person to be treated with the Z.O.E. cells in a underdeveloped stage, the effects are only based on Zoey's experience...
-A treated person is able to detach select body parts through autonomy, which is one of the reasons Zoey was originally referred to as a "zombie". Much like a lizard, Zoey didn't bleed out because her muscles would quickly close around the detached area.
-However, if a detached area is removed from the host body for too long, the body part will die, and no longer be able to reattach to the host body. Thankfully, this hasn't happened to Zoey.
-Zoey does not know what would happen if she lost a body part that she already doesn't know could detach (Such places are her head, her left eye, her right forearm, and her left arm slightly up the elbow) 
-The detached body part will still be able to function without the host, although will not be as functional as normally. (It was reported that Zoey was decapitated, and the rest of her body was pretty much like a chicken without its head until she got it to work with her, thanks to neurotransmitters (?). Thankfully, it didn't hurt her)
-Z.O.E Cells messed with Zoey's physical, emotional, mental chemical levels. It fluctuated, so Zoey could lift heavy objects that she normally couldn't, and in another moment she was too fatigued to do anything. Her immune system was pretty wonky at first as well, so she was often kept in sterile rooms. There have even been discoveries of the cells releasing chemicals that confused other organisms into thinking she was deceased. Zoey had to take notes of her day to day energies and watch what she did. She takes medicine to stabilize everything.

Fun facts:
-Zoey's personality is based off a German shepherd puppy that lived in my old neighborhood. Friendly, and slightly rebellious (Zoe the puppy would jump the fence to follow me up to a certain distance as I walked to the bus stop)
-Zoey's first and last name is a pun- it refers to "Frankenstein", due to the stitches on her, and her scrapped origin story.   
-Francine has friends named Jermaine and Brittany. Their names all refer to different countries/places in meaning.

That said, I'm probably going to redo this bio sheet, especially since my art style changed, and I'm not particularly fond of this bio sheet layout. Hope that kind of gives a bit of dimension to Zoey's character. I will probably update her bio in the future.         

    Sargasso often had activity with people flying in and out of the station, going about their own business. Today was a particularly active day, as people loaded their luggage onto carriers and ships, heading out to their respective home planets.

“Ah, Christmas time…” Panther sighed. “It’s one of the few times that I get to see my family, and eat home cooked meals.” Like many of the other patrons, the newest member of Star Wolf was going on vacation to celebrate the holidays. “I can’t wait to see everyone again!” he exclaimed. His fellow wingman Leon nodded as he also carried his own bags to his personal fighter.

                “I agree.” Leon said. Although he didn’t show it on outside, he was just as excited to have the freedom of going to his hometown without worry of the authorities after him.

The Anglar War presented the Star Wolf team with an opportunity to do something heroic and get recognition for it. They jumped on the chance, and their lives began to change. Their bounties were pardoned, and job opportunities popped up like daisies. It surprised the two when Wolf called them to his office to let them go on vacation.

                Panther and Leon began heading back to their living quarters, as Wolf apparently had one last thing he wanted to tell the two. As expected, Wolf sat at his desk when they entered his office.

“That was pretty fast of you. Are you two really that eager to leave?” Wolf raised an eyebrow. The two just looked at each other before looking back at Wolf. “I’m joking” he chuckled “I get it; you haven’t seen your families in a long time, right?” Panther and Leon smiled, and laughed along. “Well, I just wanted to give you these before you left.” Wolf got up from his seat holding a rectangular sheet of paper in each hand, holding them out for his wingmen to take

                “Thank you…” Leon said as he and Panther took their respective sheets. Wolf waited for them to look over their paychecks, smiling to himself when he saw their reactions.

“Wha- I… I don’t know what to say” Panther said “…is it really alright for me to accept this?” Wolf nodded

                “Of course; both of you are hard-working and loyal, you never give up, even when things got rough. You deserve it, Merry Christmas.” Wolf blinked in surprise when they also produced their own gifts, handing it to him. “What’s this?”

“It’s a little something from Panther and I” Leon said. “You aren’t the only one who had a gift to give.”

                “Thank you…” Wolf was at a loss for words.

“No, thank you.” Panther smiled “By the way, what about you?”

                “What do you mean?”

“Are you going to see your family?” Wolf swallowed the spit in his mouth before he smiled

                “Mmm… maybe next year, I guess. Don’t worry about me; you got a family to see, right? You guys better get going before it gets late… Come on, I’ll see you guys out.” He placed his gifts on his desk, before he led the way to the hangar.

                Wolf pressed a few buttons on the control panel before turning to his teammates “Well, everything’s set- you guys are ready to go.” They exchanged side-hugs before Panther and Leon boarded their respective fighters.

“You know Wolf, if you ever get lonely, come to Corneria and stop by.” Panther said “You know where to find me.”

                “Great idea” Leon said “We can meet up and hang out if you want. Just give me a call.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Wolf said “Have a safe trip.” Wolf watched as their Wolfen’s cockpit swung shut. He waved goodbye, and they did the same before their engines glowed to life, and shot off into the great starry yonder. Wolf let out a content sigh before he began the walk back to his office.

                Wolf turned the lights to his office back on as he sat his chair again. He turned on the small radio that sat on his desk, letting the sound of music fill the room.

“Are you going to see your family?” Wolf’s eye lowered to the picture frame lying face down on his desk. With a hand hovering over the frame, Wolf hesitated a moment before picking it up.

The picture showed a family of three wolves. Between the man and woman stood a little boy. Wolf looked over the young boy’s face; the boy’s violet eyes sparkled with innocence as he looked up at his parents with joy. In return, his parents returned gentle smiles. It had been at least fifteen years since the photo, by now, they would’ve shown signs of old age. Wolf smiled as he closed his eye, thinking of pleasant memories… trips to the park, the beach, Christmas dinners, and birthday parties….

Then he opened his eye, coming back to the present. He was alone in his office, in the reaches of cold, outer space.

That’s right…. he thought to himself It’s all in the past now. Wolf took one look at the photo before slowly returning it to its original position It’s just me... Besides, it wasn’t like this was the first time Wolf spent the holidays like this; but he was always occupied. The leader of Star Wolf paused for a moment, listening to the music playing, before he got up and poured himself a glass of whiskey from the nearby shelf. He sat back down, leaning back in his chair before swigging his drink

I’ll be fine… he thought to himself I’ll be fine. His eye landed on the gifts that Leon and Panther had left for him. The temptation to open it now was too strong, but Wolf pushed away his thoughts of what the presents held.

       “Panther, Leon, I need you to-” Wolf paused, realizing that his call fell on deaf ears, his voice echoing down the hall. That’s right... he thought to himself as he reentered his room ...They aren’t here anymore. Three days had already passed without anything eventful occurring.

Wolf continued his basic routine as if nothing had happened; filling out paperwork, maintaining the stations systems, exercising, eating when he got hungry, and so on. The cycle repeated until his patience finally ran thin.

Wolf was sitting at his desk when he suddenly let out a roar. He flipped the stack of papers which he had rearranged for the fifth time in the same hour, into a mess that covered the floor and desk. A growl escaped his throat as he watched the papers gently flutter to the ground. Wolf simply placed his head in his hands. It never occurred to Wolf that he, the owner of a grand space station, would do something so menial as mopping the floors… of his own free will.

He went up to the window, displaying the planets in their colorful varieties. He stared at Corneria especially, the planet where he spent majority of his life. Memories of places and people flooded him at once, making him wonder if anyone still remembered him. He imagined his friends and enemies either spending it with loved ones or alone…

    So what was he still doing here?

His gaze fell to the package waiting for him in nice wrapping paper. Nobody was around to see his reaction, whether he liked it or not.

“Aw, what the heck!” Wolf said aloud, grabbing the package “…What did they give me?” 
Vixen and Wolf: Chapter 1
Aw yeah! Chapter one is finally up! And it only took me three years, on and off to get the story together, yay |D 

...I actually had this thing stewing in the proverbial pot on the proverbial stove. It's high-time that I actually put out one of the many stories that I've written. Expect to see me submit-bomb many chapters for a bunch of stories in the future.

So if you haven't known already, this is Vixen and Wolf , one of my romantic comedies. It's probably set in an AU where the Star Wolf team no longer have bounties on their heads, so they are free men. They mention the Anglar Wars, but Wolf is 26 years old. Don't want him to be that old....

Solitude is fine, but eventually we'll need somebody to stand beside us.

Two unlikely individuals come together through the strangest of situations. Wolf O'Donnell, the battle-hardened "Lord of the Underworld", and Roxanne Lawrence, a young fox girl who works as a waitress in a small family resturant, trying to support her family. Together, the two will learn the importance of family... that is, if their family members and friends don't drive them insane first.

So... yeah, I'd like to hear what you guys think... 

Panther and Leon won't have much of a role in the story for now. First I establish Wolf's feeling of loneliness and boredom so he gets out of the space station. Then we meet the lead lady next. Hopefully that comes soon. And I hope that spending time with their families over the holidays was a good enough reason to get them to leave, lol. |D  
Nobody saw this coming, but MarcusMcCloud100 and I have been chatting through Skype, and I had this thought while watching the movie Bad Boys, "Panther Caluroso is a criminal, and my oc, Valentino, is his older brother. What if Valentino happened to be a cop?" Well, that interested MarcusMcCloud100 enough that he offered to write out the story idea out. While he writes, I give him a few pointers in the general character and plot line. He already has a preview of the story up on dA, if you're interested; you won't be disappointed:  A Family Affair (Preview)It was another rainy night in the Cornarian mega city Osiris and Valentino was the chief of an investigation of an apartment fire that ended up destroying the whole building and killing eight innocent people in the blaze. “You got all the evidence put in the truck Clark and Charlie?” Valentino asked. “Yes sir we will take this over to Forensics to be studied tested and examined.” Charlie responded. “Ok boys I’m going back to Interpol Headquarters. Drive safe and have a good rest.” Valentino said as he got in his car. Valentino starts his car and proceeds to head back to headquarters. He was just about halfway there when his holophone rings and Valentino is stunned to see the call from the commissioner Shaun. “*answers phone* Hello Commissioner sir. What can I do for you?” Valentino asked.
“Hello Valentino if you have some time please come into my office. I have a Special Assignment for you.” Shaun replied as he stood the

Expect to see a comic series come up soon. I'm very excited to see this story through! Be sure to let me know what you think as well, there certainly is more to come.     

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DeadWolfgirl Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww, thank you!
I'll be sure to make the most of today! :hug:
FoxyBeatz Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
FoxyBeatz Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Psst... Hey. Hey you. Yeah you.
I came by to deliver you this:
I hope you enjoy the package. :3
DeadWolfgirl Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, indeed I enjoyed your delivery, thank you so much! :hug:
FoxyBeatz Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
You're so welcome! :hug:
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